Welcome to City Cacti, your ultimate online resource for all things related to cacti and succulent plants! My name is Diane Lewik, and I am the founder of this website. I am a degree holder in plant biology from the University of California – Berkeley.

As a long-time lover of all plants, I have always had a special fascination for cacti. These hardy plants are not only beautiful, but they are also incredibly low-maintenance and can thrive in a variety of environments.

Over the years, I have cultivated a vast collection of cacti and other succulents and I have learned a great deal about how to grow and care for these unique plants.

With City Cacti, my goal is to share my knowledge and passion for succulents with others who are just as fascinated by these plants as I am. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner looking to learn more about these plants, you will find a wealth of information on this website.

My guides cover everything from the basics of cacti and succulent care to more advanced topics like propagation, pests, and diseases. We also offer tips and tricks for styling your houseplants and incorporating them into your home decor.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of growing and caring for succulents. That’s why I strive to provide the most accurate and helpful information possible so that anyone can successfully cultivate a beautiful cactus collection.

PS: I have a small vegetable garden too. So, I’ll also be sharing how I go about my tomatoes.

Website Earnings and Disclaimer

Although this website is for information purposes, I work hard to research and put together the content so that you can learn more about succulents. Therefore, I may place Amazon affiliate links on some articles to earn a small commission when you make a purchase. This goes into supporting me and keeping everything up and running.

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